Watch new video on the proposed Delta Port Expansion and take action now!

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation came out with a new video yesterday about the importance of protecting the Fraser River Estuary. Did you realize the expansion would create an artificial island that is the size of 150 football fields?. You can watch the video below.  My friend Ian Cruickshank provided the great sounds in the video and my friend Kate Paton provided some of the video footage .

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation would like everyone to use and sign this form letter located HERE which will go to Jonathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

We need to put pressure on him to reject the Terminal 2 expansion which is proposed by The Port of Vancouver as the Federal Gov't will be making the final decision.

We must do this for the birds, fish and animals that we love that use this area and for the future of generations to come. 


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