Owls in North Vancouver continue to get poisoined

Recently a breeding pair of Great Horned Owls in North Van were found dead from rat poison. Also a Barred Owl was found lethargic and bleeding from its mouth and being dive bombed by crows. This is sadly the second time this particular tagged Owl has got sick from rat poison.

The Barred Owl was taken to OWL a second time and is there now after 5 days of Vitamin K injections.

It is time now for rodenticide to be banned and for us all to switch to CO2 rat traps which are more humane to the rat and protect our birds and wildife. Watch the video HERE on how this safe and fairly humane rat trap works. You can buy it HERE.

What more will it take? Please keep writing your MPs and MLAs so we can get this banned. We have to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. I have lost count on how many posts like this I've written and nothing seems to change but one day it will and I won't give up.

Looking at this bleeding and suffering owl in this video, just breaks my heart.

You can read the full story HERE


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