Another Owl Dies in Vancouver from Rat Poison

You may remember my previous posts on this topic.

See my previous posts on the topic.

It's frustrating how many I've done and it's still the same old story.

Well sadly as expected another Owl has died of ingesting Rat Poison and this is just one I've heard about. Many have sadly continued to die since my owl posts.

The city of Richmond for example and other municipalities like it, give out free Rat Poison in bait boxes to all residents suffering with rodent problems.

The boxes are deemed safe because raccoons and pets can't get into the Poison but the rats and mice eat the poison and come and go. The rodents die slow deaths and become easy prey for Owls, Hawks, Raptors, Raccoons and Coyotes.

The predator ends up dying a slow and painful death like this owl. This owl in Vancouver was 3 years old and went blind from the Rat Poison. The owl could not hunt properly and was getting mobbed by crows, coming too close to people etc. He was sick and could not be released back into the wild so OWL humanely euthanized it. Thanks also to Bridget and Sheryl Spencer and everyone in their community who looked after and reported this owl to the rehabilitators. This death is particularly sad for young birder Bridget who has been following this beautiful owl in her neighborhood over the summer.

First of all thanks to OWL who tirelessly helps these raptors that are poisoned and injured. They have been trying for years to get the word out about Rat Poison on the news and media but laws have not changed.

We need to continue to write your MPs, MLA's, Mayors, Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada; so that things change. I know My friends and I have written but little has yet to come of it. It will take persistence and a strong movement of all us birders and nature lovers coming together. Change is never easy so don't ever give up.

Rodenticide needs to be banned across Canada and people need to use other methods of removing rats.

Prevention is key and not feeding birds or cleaning up the waste and using seed trays help but know even if you do all the prevention possible you will still get the odd rat as they can smell very well.

HERE is an article that lays out safe ways to eliminate rodents without poison.

Just remember there is a consequence to rat poison and it is not only the rat that pays the price. In a world where animals are under so much pressure from us already let's do our part and not put anymore on them.

You may think that it's an invasive Barred Owl so what's the big deal? but don't fool yourself as our endangered Barn Owl population is one of the biggest species affected by rat poison in Metro Vancouver.

You can find your MP to write by clicking HERE

You can find your MLA to write by clicking HERE

You can find your mayor to write by googling your city name and the words "mayor contact info"

To send an email or letter  to the Minister of the Environment click HERE

To contact Enviroment Canada click HERE 

To contact Canadian Wildlife Service click HERE

This beautiful Barred Owl will never be seen again due to Rat Poison - Photo: Robyn Hunt


  1. I just saw an owl tonight, near MacDonald and 2nd Ave Vancouver. Such an honour to see it.


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