Rodenticide affects Northern Spotted Owls too it's no longer just a city problem

Yesterday I posted an article about a local Pygmy-Owl that died from rat poison. We tend to associate  raptor deaths caused by rodenticide to be affecting only owls or Raptors close to cities or farmland (human activity). Well new research has proven that rodenticide had wide reaching effects as Northern Spotted Owls are now dying from it.

Northern Spotted Owls live in old growth forests usually quits removed from human activity. This is an endangered bird and now has one more thing to fight against.

It's very sad and we need to stop using and ban rodenticide now before it's really too late.

Read the full research paper HERE.

Thanks to biologist Paul Levesque for sharing that research paper with me.

Northern Spotted Owl in Washington - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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