Young Birder Toby reflects on her unforgettable time in Nunavut!

BC Young Birder Toby Theriault from Tofino won a $14,000 scholarship this past July for Students on Ice - 2019 Arctic Expedition. This is a scholarship that allows and brings together 130 young naturalists from around the world to go to Nunavut for 16 days, to explore nature and learn about the Inuit culture. They also learnt a lot about the effects of climate change on this fragile landscape  and why the area needs to be conserved. Read more about Students on Ice HERE

The application deadline for students wanting to go in 2020 is November 30, 2019.

Toby had an amazing experience she saw a rare Ivory Gull, Walruses and Polar Bears. She got to connect with other youth and learn about the Inuit culture. In this photo you can see her getting ready to explore the glacier at Sirmilik National Park.

You can see a photo of the Ivory Gull they saw at Maxwell Bay HERE

You can see a photo of the Polar Bears they saw HERE

You can see a photo of her and some other students with sled dog puppies HERE

As you can see it was an unforgettable time for her.

Watch the video below to hear it from this young woman who is an inspiration. I have also included a video about the 2019 Arctic expedition she went on. What a phenomenal program showing the importance of Arctic Canada and its Inuit People and why it is vital we protect this land; especially with the growing threat of climate change. Toby will continue to be an environmental ambassador and inspiration to young birders to come.

Some of Toby's photos from Nunavut:

Black-legged Kittiwakes in Nunavut - Toby Theriault

Thick-billed Murres in Nunavut - Toby Theriault

Bearded Seal in Nunavut - Photo: Toby Theriault

Walrus in Nunavut - Photo: Toby Theriault


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