The biggest threat to the Northern Spotted Owl is the gov't in charge of protecting it.

When will Canada do right by the Northern Spotted Owl?

The provincial government of BC has failed the Northern Spotted Owl and frankly so has the federal gov't. This is why they are almost extirpated in the wild here. Just a few (apparently only 3 now in the Fraser Canyon) infertile females hold on in the wild. There is a Northern Spotted Owl breeding program that has not successfully released any Spotted Owls yet but when they do, the real question will be where will they go? The provincial Gov't is not discontinuing the logging of Old Growth Forests.  The logging of old growth forests is the biggest threat to their survival. Not Barred Owls as they will have you believe.  Isn't this statement an oxymoron? "The B.C. government, for instance, has approved clear-cut logging in areas it set aside for spotted owl recovery, while sinking almost $1.5 million into the experimental captive breeding program since 2014."

The owls simply cannot survive in any other type of forest. They need it for their food (which is mostly flying squirrels and wood rat), for their shelter and rearing of young. 2 Spotted Owls require vasts amount of Old Growth Forests for their territory. They are very unlike their resilient Barred Owl cousins who can live just about anywhere. What is the point of putting money into a captive breeding program when the program is doomed to fail? The answer.... just a show. All talk with no substance.... and again the released owls will be the ones who pay the price. They will perish and starve. Ultimately we will all pay the price when all of our remaining old growth forests are logged. They support many animals and ecosystems, the air we breathe and the last few beautiful Northern Spotted Owls will be extinct in Canada.

We could have prevented the loss of the Northern Spotted Owl from Canada had we acted earlier. Now it is too little too late especially if the Gov't refuses to stop logging critical owl habitat. Listing these owls under The Species At Risk Act is frankly useless if you do nothing to save them and their habitat at the same time.

I will say it once more... When will Canada do right by the Northern Spotted Owl?

A fantastic new article came out a few days ago in " The Narwhal" discussing this very issue. Have a read HERE

Female Northern Spotted Owl  - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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