Rare Triple Hybrid Warbler in Pennsylvania! Plus check out McKay’s Buntings on their breeding grounds.

I saw this interesting news story and wanted to share it. I am fascinated by hybrids. I remember when there was a Black-chinned Hummer reported that turned out to be a hybrid at Richmond Nature Park. At the time a lot of people told me they were so disappointed. I thought it was cool and actually cooler than a pure Black-chinned Hummingbird. There are only a small handful of this occurring in Western North America. So to me it was sensational because it was the most northerly record of this rare Anna’s X Black-chinneds hybrid.

Anyways this hybrid is a hybrid-lover’s dream! A Chestnut-sided Warbler X Golden-winged Warbler X Blue-winged Warbler! According to Cornell this particular 3 species Warbler-hybridization has never occurred before! What is even more cool about this hybrids is that they are of different genuses!

To read the full story click HERE

Also if you like McKay’s Buntings, a really neat video came out by Cornell recently showing them on their breeding grounds. Few people will ever get to see that sight in their lifetime. Click the video below to watch.


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