On Nov 17th you must watch David Attenborough’s New show called “Dynasties”!

I love Sir David Attenborough. He is a world wide treasure. I’ve grown up with his wonderful voice. There is no one who makes watching wildlife on television more intriguing and amazing. You can tell he’s a true naturalist that really cares about the animals he’s observing. As he is in his 90’s now, when he is gone, it will be a great loss for the world. He’s been ahead of his time since a young man, doing these documentaries in the 50’s. He’s spoken out about climate change, plastics you name it. It’s too bad we didn’t listen then... and we still aren’t listening enough now. Funny how we have a way of ignoring the truth until it hits us in the face and it’s too late. Well there is still some time left and programs like Blue Planet and Planet Earth have helped bring awareness. In this new program called “Dynasties” David is featuring a 5 episode miniseries where he deals with 5 animals battling the very real threat of extinction. The animals are Lions, Emperor Penguins, Chimpanzees, Tigers and African Wild Dogs.

The program will premiere tomorrow Nov 17th at 9pm on BBC Earth Canada. Frankly if you don’t subscribe to this channel you should. With all the garbage on TV this is quality television well worth it. Since we humans have contributed so much to their demise the least we can do is watch about what’s happening to them to see how our day to day living is affecting these creatures thousands of miles away from us, far removed from most of our psyches. It is only by seeing what they must endure that we can truly bring about the tools for change.

Here is a trailer for the show:

And a sneak peak at the Emperor Penguin Episode can be found below:


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