Congratulations to Young Birders!

Several Young Birders are doing us all proud again....

This year Cole Gaerber got into Beaverhill Bird Observatory’s Geoff Holroyd Young Ornithologists’ Workshop in Alberta and will be attending this July. You can read about this terrific program HERE. Also, Liron Gerstman, Joshua Glant and Logan Lalonde got into Cornell's Young Birder Event Program, which is also taking place in July. You can read about that event HERE.

Last year, Cole Gaerber went to Long Point in Ontario after winning the Doug Tarry Young Ornithologists Workshop Award. Joshua Brown went to Long Point as well to take part in the Young Ornithologists' Internship a year ago. You can read about the workshop and internship HERE. Also, Liron Gerstman and Alice Sun went to Tennessee last year, when they won a NANPA High School Scholarship. You can read about that program HERE.

All of these programs above, are very competitive across Canada and the USA. It is a fantastic achievement for these kids!.

I must say though, that all young birders, regardless of getting into these programs, are always inspiring me, making me proud and astounding me with their knowledge. BCFO recognizes them locally with a Young Birder Award as well.  You can read about that HERE.  These Young Birders are the ones that are finding many rarities now, both locally and provincially. Just yesterday, Isaiah Nugent recognized in an old eBird report from May, that a photographed gull reported as a Bonaparte's, was actually a Little Gull!. I joked with him that he should have done it earlier, so we could have seen it !.

I always encourage all young birders to apply for these great opportunities that are available to them,  including the ABA Young Birder of the year. You can learn more about that  HERE

It is nice to see the Birding Community embracing young birders because they are the future stewards of  birds and our planet. They are future scientists, birders and conservation leaders in the making. It is so nice to recognize how important they are to all of us.


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