UPDATED*! -Birds in the news and update on Sidney's famous Red-tailed Hawk

1. Have you ever wondered how Crested Auklets mate? Well they have a crazy mating ritual.

Feel free to read about it HERE  and watch it below if you dare.

2. This is one bird I would love to see in Canada or the US!

Read this man's incredible journey in order to find the Gray-headed Chickadee HERE

3. Hornby's Storm-Petrels have been found nesting for the 1st time ever, 50 miles from the ocean in one of the driest places on Earth.

Read about it HERE

4. Birds use cigarette butts to keep ticks out of the nest.


5. Brightly coloured birds like the Bluethroat I saw in Nome, AK are predators favorited bird food and they know it.


6. Last but not least... A few days ago I talked about the Young Red-tailed Hawk that is being raised by Bald Eagles in Sidney. See HERE for my previous post.

Tonight the hawk and Eagle family was featured on Global news. He was filmed taking flight but always returning back to his Bald Eagle parents and siblings. Will he catch fish? Will he attempt to mate with a Bald Eagle if he successfully fledges for good? Will the Bald Eagles soon realize he isn't an eagle?

My fascination continues watch the news story HERE

*7. A new news article debunking the theory that the famous Red-tailed Hawk was carried to the nest  as prey but simply a Red-tailed Hawk laid eggs in the nest. If you think about it if a Bald Eagle carried the tiny Hawk as prey into the eagle nest it would be dead or die quickly from deep puncture wounds from the talons. Eagles are not gentle with their prey. I guess no one will ever know for sure except for the Eagles and the little Hawk.

Please click HERE for the story.


  1. Thanks for posting these interesting things mel the crested auklet mating ritual is bizzare to say the least!. Thanks for starting this blog you were sorely missed in the online bc birding world. Thanks for always caring about the birders in bc and the community. look forward to following this blog.

  2. Very interesting reads! Thanks for sharing!


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