Canada 150 - Canada Day Biodiversity Challenge on iNaturalist

My friend Dr. John Reynolds invited me to join this Canada Day 150 years event on iNaturalist. I just signed up and you should too! It's a great way to celebrate Canada Day by showcasing the amount of species diversity in our country.

On July 1st, there's a Canada-wide BioBlitz to document as many species of everything as we can, on iNaturalist.  This grew out of a conversation John had with Colin Jones in Whitehorse, who suggested it. 

All you need to do is set up an iNaturalist account at, sign up to this project HERE , and on the 1st of July photograph species and submit them.  Plants, bugs, birds...anything.  You don't have to be able to identify it, others can do that.

If you use your phone with location GPS enabled, that's the easiest way.  Download the free app.  Then it only takes about 4 clicks.  Or you can do it from your laptop if you take the photos with a camera (not on your phone).

Here are more details on the event:

"This project is a celebration of Canada's biodiversity and a collective effort to try and record as many of Canada's wild species as we can on Canada Day 2017! To mark the 150th birthday of Canada, the individual challenge is to observe and submit at least 150 observations of different wild species (no captive or cultivated species please) within the boundaries of Canada on July 1, 2017. If you don't reach 150 species, don't worry, you will still be adding to the collective effort to document as many species as possible. You do not have to know what the species is (although you are encouraged to try) but a photo must be included to allow for community ID. Each observation must also have coordinates so that it can be mapped. You do not have to be Canadian, friends and visitors are very welcome, but the observations must be made in Canada. So, pick a place (or places), bring a friend and go out and explore Canada's biodiversity on Canada Day!"

Don't forget to sign up Here



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