"Of Land and Living Skies" feature from Saskatchewan

As you may know I used to live for a bit in Saskatchewan even though I was born in BC.  The community journal "Of Land and Living Skies" asked me for an interview for their Fall 2020 issue. For those that don't know Saskatchewan is called "The Land of Living Skies." If you ever get the chance to watch the Northern Lights in SK you will know why it is called this. It is one of the things I miss the most about living in that province.

The editor and magazine was very passionate about talking about and acknowledging systemic racism in birding and the barriers that people of colour face outdoors in nature. They discuss it in the magazine under "Love Letters to Nature" and I applaud them for it since they did not shy away from the issue as many organizations have who call it "too political. They said they stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. I was unable due to inconvenient timing to do an interview so they decided to do a reprint of an interview I did with Bryony Angell with our permission. They also featured some new different photos of mine.

The whole journal is worth a read for all of the great birding and environmental articles, including an Indigenous-written article. It is truly wonderfully written as they really emphasize how vital the connections are that we make with nature.

You can read the full journal issue online HERE

Here's to many more great adventures in 2021!


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