Listen to this great podcast by BirdNote about the proposed Deltaport II Expansion

As you know I’ve been writing about the proposed Roberts Bank Deltaport Terminal II expansion on this blog for awhile. Did you know on top of this proposal Global Container Terminals is also proposing a 4th container berth at the same port? This project is called DP4 and would use 138 acres of critical intertidal bird habitat.

This month BirdNote from WA State, did a podcast called "Watching over Western Sandpipers" highlighting the detrimental impacts of the proposed expansion of Terminal II and DP4. The environmental impacts will impact birds (especially Western Sandpipers), fish (especially salmon), orcas and other wildlife in the Fraser River Estuary. This will affect birds on both sides of the border. Sadly First Nations on the US side were not adequately consulted.

They did an amazing job on this 30 min podcast and interviewed many relevant people and stakeholders including First Nations. The fascinating discovery of fatty acid containing Biofilm as a Western Sandpiper food source by Bob Elner, and the hairy tongues these birds use to eat it with, are also discussed. This is the major reason why this expansion would be a deadly blow to the population of these migrating Western Sandpipers.   

Take a listen HERE

A decision is expected to come from the Federal Gov't in the new year. I am sadly, not too optimistic for a favorable outcome, due to the amount of money involved. However, we shouldn't give up the fight and a petition can still be signed HERE at the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Also, a form letter can be sent to your MP HERE via Birds Canada.

By the way if you liked this podcast from the "Threatened" series, you should take a listen to this one HERE by BirdNote about the declining birds of the Boreal Forest and how it has impacted Indigenous people in the NWT. They also touch on the dark history of National Parks in Canada and how they were initially used to culturally assimilate First Nations.


  1. Great post melissa. I love the way you write. I am not impressed by this liberal government and hope a positive outcome will come out of this. this podcast was one of the best interviews i've heard on this topic thank you for sharing.


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