The City Of Port Moody Bans Rodenticides!!!!!!

Great news! On Sept 8, 2020, The City of Port Moody has banned the use of rodenticides on all city property and lands. This is a major victory and the whole council voted unanimously in favour of the ban. I was inspired by the delivery of Councillor Meghan Lahti who was so passionate about the topic and had all her facts straight. Thank you to all the councillors who voted in favour of this motion as well. Thank you to Councillor Lahti who listened to me and responded to my letter a few months ago so promptly with this motion.

Hopefully as cities around BC continue to ban the use of rodenticides that the province will ban the use province-wide as well and ensure that general members of the public can't use this stuff.

Thank you again to everyone who wrote in letters of support to council and for everyone who signed the BCSPCA's province wide petition asking for a rodenticide ban.  If you have not yet signed the petition please do so now by clicking the link to the left.

Port Moody has now helped save several owls and mammals in the area!

What a great victory but the fight continues!....

Pygmy-Owls that live in Port Moody are now safer because of this ban! - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. I am so glad Port Moody has come on board with the ban. I am working on the Province. Please sign and share my petition.

  2. great news mel thanks for all your hard work on this!

  3. My petition to Ban rodenticides Provincially is nearly at 13,000 signatures. am hoping to reach 15,000 before March 1st when it will be presented to Legislature. Please share far and wide. This is the final push.


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