Goodbye Northwestern Crow...

Well we have lost our beloved Northwestern Crow. ThNorth American Checklist Committee of the American Ornithological Society has lumped that species with American Crow.

Also they denied to make the Northern Saw-whet Owl subspecies on Haida Gwaii a full species. However, Mexican Duck was officially and finally split from Mallard.

Japanese White-eye was officially split into Warbling and Swinhoe's too.

To read all the changes click HERE 

Also  to liven up this post I have included a recent painting Charlotte Belland (Professor of Animation at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio) recently did of my Common Yellowthroat photo. I was honoured!

Painting by Charlotte Beland of my Common Yellowthroat photo (June, 2020)

Original photo by Melissa Hafting of a male Common Yellowthroat in Richmond 


  1. Ouch! Our Northwestern Crow didn’t even rate being a subspecies and we lost our chance to have a first endemic with the owl. On a brighter note, lovely painting by charlotte!

    1. thanks she is talented! yes not even a subspecies for the crow a true demotion! i can think of a few people who will really be unhappy by this. it sucks to lose a species but after reading the paper by researchers in wa i was convinced they were the same species as well.


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