An Outing To Beautiful Pitt Meadows

Went to Catbird Slough on the weekend. I got to see some gorgeous birds including Cedar Waxwings. Waxwings are such elegant birds, so I was thrilled when a few perched close to me.

Cedar Waxwings in Pitt Meadows

This photo even got featured on the eBird homepage ( It was my first time to be featured which was cool!. They also tweeted it out on twitter here and on instagram here.

Also we saw a male American Redstart, Gray Catbirds, Bullock's Orioles, Swainson's Thrushes, both Black and Vaux's Swifts and 3 Bears. Nearby on Hale Rd we also found 2 stunning Lazuli Buntings.

A pair of Gray Catbirds in Pitt Meadows - Photo: Melissa Hafting

It was a thrill also to have a Western Wood-Pewee land in close at eye level. They usually sit so high up, so I definitely took advantage of my good luck!

Western Wood-Pewee in Pitt Meadows - Photos: Melissa Hafting


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  2. Beautiful photos, especially the cute fat little waxwing. Congratulations on being featured on Ebird! I hope to get out to Pitt Meadows soon. Thanks for sharing.


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