KOWA - an optics company with a heart!!! Read how they helped someone in need!

wanted to send a big public thank you to Kowa Sporting Optics.

I wrote them to help out a terrific BC birder who is currently homeless and who had his bins stolen, while sleeping on the streets. Kowa stepped up and responded to me right away and shipped out a brand new pair of their Kowa BD XD 8X42 bins worth 599$ cad! that we will deliver to him. When I heard the news it brought tears to my eyes.

If this is not a company that birders should support, I don’t know what is. I have their angled TSN-883 
scope and it’s fantastic and rated just as high as their Swarovski equivalent. If big companies in this modern and sometimes depressive world care about the little guy, and do something so kind as this, I will definitely support them. This is why I want to spread the word. They made no money on this and sent out a very expensive pair of bins with no questions asked!.

When you are already feeling down on your luck, being able to find one anchor of joy and reprieve from the negative is vital. Birding is that special reprieve for this and many birders.

This gesture will change this birder forever because they chose to lift up someone who right now is struggling. Kowa gave this person an avenue to get out and see the birds they love more clearly and closely. Getting out in nature and birding has been scientifically proven to help improve one’s mental health and bring joy.  We all need to spread a little more of that around.

Kudos to Kowa for showing us the way!

Here is their website if you want to support them and check out their great products.

Thanks again KOWA for showing such kindness.
Melissa Hafting


  1. I shared your post with a friend who is in the market for new bins. What a wonderful outcome, and thank you for advocating for your neighbor in the first place.

    1. awesome thanks! well if i ever was in that position i hope someone would do the same. i love birding as much as he does and without bins i'd be very depressed thanks again bryony


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