I love Sanderlings...especially in breeding plumage + my House Wrens are back!

A few days ago I got to go down to Point Roberts where my family has property and shot some Sanderlings. They were 20 of them that were mostly in varying degrees of breeding plumage. I got to photograph one that was in almost complete breeding plumage. It was a rare treat and soon they will be gone for the summer. There was 7 late Brant there as well but they wouldn't let me get close this time. I saw a funny comic about a Sanderling's "dating profile" and every time I see them running up and down the beach, I think it couldn't be more accurate. You can see the comic HERE.

Sanderling in full breeding plumage - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Sanderling in Point Roberts, WA - Photos: Melissa Hafting

Since early May a pair of House Wrens have taken up residence in our place at Point Roberts. They are nesting in a cedar bush and they love to sing constantly. In my neighbour's yard he has them nesting in a bird box. These 4 pairs of birds trigger the eBird filter. There are 8 House Wrens I know of in Point Roberts, as 2 pairs are also back this year at Seabright Farm.

It seems there are several birds this year breeding in Vancouver and I will probably remove them from the rare bird alert next year. I am happy to have these raucous birds increasing in Metro Vancouver.

Anyways, I can't wait to see the babies. This is the third year in a row we have had the House Wrens. I currently have Black-capped Chickadees in my nest box there and in Vancouver. I also have a family of White-crowned Sparrow fledglings hopping all around in Point Roberts. Below are a few shots of the adults. 

Now I just hope my Purple Martins come back to nest in their natural cavities down there!

House Wren in Point Roberts, WA - Photos: Melissa Hafting


  1. Stunning photos Mel, I've never seen a breeding plumage Sanderling yet and I agree they are beautiful! Congrats on the nesting chickadees and wrens too, hopefully their numbers keep increasing in the Lower Mainland.


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