Congrats to Liron Gertsman on his new featured documentary and winning the Audubon Awards!

Big Congrats to Liron Gertsman on his incredible achievement!  Read about it below:

Make sure to read the Vancouver Sun article on it as well HERE

I love his parakeet shot it's so technically brilliant! The hummer is so artistic and eagle's talons so unique and out of the box thinking.

He also had 8 pictures selected for the TOP 100 and  BC young birder Ian Harland has one too, see HERE

On top of this Liron made a documentary film "Surf Scoters: People Living With Nature" thatnis being displayed at the Museum of Vancouver now in Nature Vancouver's "Wild Things" exhibition. It opened on June 28, 2018 and closes in Dec 2019.

Read about it HERE and go see the show at the Museum of Vancouver admission prices and more info HERE

You can watch his documentary below:

Massive Congratulations Liron! I am so very proud of you. You have achieved so much and what a great way to celebrate your high school grad and all these achievements in beautiful St. Paul Alaska. That's a place I'm dying to go. I can't wait to see your photos from there! Certainly they will be more award winners. Whenever you watch Liron photograph you can see the respect and patience he has for nature. The birds are always settled and never flush it's really evident in his shorebird work. So many more great things to come from Liron as he enters adulthood I'm sure of it!

And an aside another Young Birder Sasha Fairbairn who recently joined our program from Surrey, just found out she got into the Beaverhill Bird Observatory's Geoff Holroyd Young Ornithologists’ Workshop in ABCongrats to her too! Cole Gaerber did this program last year and loved it. It's a fully paid week camp/internship just like Issac Nelson and Bridget Spencer are going to next month as well at the Doug Tarry Young Ornithologists' Workshop at Long Point in ONT. Liron and several other young BC Birders like Josh Brown and Logan Lalonde have completed that amazing program as well.

These BC youth never stop amazing me! 


  1. Way far out, as they used to say. keep it up Liron.! Mel has a talented pool of young proteges. And she never sleeps, i get posts after midnight.

    1. Lol I do need more sleep thanks John for your support of liron!

  2. Accomplishment well don't there Liron, congratulations on the recognition of the keen eye for photography.

    As well an additional call out for Sasha -- another congrat's -- a great adventure awaits.


  3. Congrats Liron! You truly deserve this recognition! Good luck with University! Oh and your photos on Flickr are just amazing!

  4. congratulations liron i really enjoy your photography and loved the film. you have a great mentor in melissa too!

  5. liron has 8 photos and bc young birder ian harland has 1 that has also been selected for the top 100 for audubon see:


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