A touching tribute from a Young Birder and Birds in the News

I'm so touched by what a young birder named Ian Harland wrote about me on Instagram last night. So much so that I wanted to share it here! 

Sometimes, I wonder if I have made any difference in their lives, so it's nice to hear this! They are so important to me and I am so proud of them and care about them deeply! Ian has won several photography awards and was covered in Canadian Geographic and this year got chosen to be in the top 100 of Audubon with a shot of an American Dipper! You can see his shot HERE. He is off soon to Ecuador with another amazing BC young birder Liam Singh. They are going on a bird conservation photography workshop to Ecuador, where they will be taught how to promote conservation through their photography. He and the youth here just keep making us all so proud. They keep finding incredible provincial rarities and promote conservation through social media and in person in their communities. They are incredible artists like Viktor Vandereyk and Bridget Spencer who can sketch and paint so beautifully. They are all such creative and incredible photographers as well who some plan to have full time careers in it. Others want to be ornithologists. The future is looking bright, they are all such ethical photographers and birders too, which I'm so happy about. 

I wanted to talk a bit about their skills because not only are they incredible at bird identification but BC young birders have found the following provincial rarities
Chetsnut-sided Warbler and Snowy Plover found by Cole Gaerber, Slaty-backed Gull and Pink-footed Geese found by Liron Gerstman, Self found Redwing and the relocation of a Black-headed Gull by Bridget Spencer, Indigo Bunting by Toby Theriault and a Great Egret found by Liam Singh. Plus them and many other BC youth have found tons of local rarities! They have made my life so much better, so I'm glad to hear I made a small difference in theirs.

Now for some news on birds that I have seen lately that I found interesting: Oh and if you haven't heard one of the Sandhill Crane Colts at Reifel have been killed by a Mink and the Ospreys who nested at Pitt Lake by the boat launch with tremendous disturbance lost all 3 young to eagle predation. Luckily they have rebuilt a nest on our new platforms! Here is hoping for better luck next year!

We all know climate change is affecting birds but now it is affecting tropical ones as well. A new study of Rufous-and-white Wrens in Costa Rica raises new concerns for nonmigratory tropical birds.These birds are used to warm temperatures but sadly not this warm..

Hot temperatures during the dry season reduce survival of a resident tropical bird

To read the full scientific study on the Rufous-and-white Wren click HERE

European court finds Malta guilty in bird-trapping case

A victory for birds and interesting to read about the consequences!

Bright lights attached to fishing nets stop birds and turtles dying in them, scientists say

Coral Reefs need bird poo!

UBC Study proves that crows are gangsters!

New bird habitat protected in SK!
This is great news for longspurs!

Swamp Sparrows haven't changed their songs in 1000 years!

A new film explains how Laysan Albatrosses are now LEAD FREE on Midway but they still have to deal with plastic and mice!
To read more about their plight click HERE and HERE

Birding is saving Columbia's Birds

Almost 1500 bird species face extinction and we’re to blame

If you like to feed birds this book is for you!

Pesticides are evil!

Why we all love Hummers!

This is not about birds but new rule in BC prevents boats from getting too close to endangered Orcas hooray there actually will be enforcement!


  1. Excellent -- Perhaps there are a lot of us who should say thanks for your tireless efforts. I for one owe numerous bird sightings -- of birds I never even knew existed -- to your sharing and work.


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