A weekend of spirit animals a White Raven and Grizzly Bears! Plus Purple Martins nesting in natural cavities in Point Roberts!

I saw my first ever white Common Raven on the Canada Day Long weekend! It was so cool to see I have been wanting to see one for many years. It had blue eyes so isn't an albino. These are very spiritual birds to the local First Nations. This was a young bird being fed by two full black adult Common Ravens. He was really vocal begging for food he was fun to watch. Seeing this white raven was truly special for me! It was actually a dream come true!

Thanks to the homeowner Patricia for letting me come and see him and thanks to Mike Yip for letting me know about it. To read more about this famous bird click the Vancouver Sun story HERE.

Leucistic Common Raven in Coombs, BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting

We also went to the Port Hardy airport where we found an adult female Pacific Golden-Plover on the runway. Ilya spotted the bird as soon as we pulled up. It was fun watching him walk around with some killdeer and then sitting by the beach watching many Bald Eagles of varying ages come down to eat a huge Chinook Salmon with 3 Turkey Vultures.

During the long weekend we got to go on a boat trip from Telegraph Cove up to Knight Inlet on the mainland. Near Glendale Cove we found 6 Grizzly Bears along with a sow and her cubs. 2 Black Bears were also present. It was fun watching the sow and her cubs because the cubs were adorable but also it was so sweet watching them try to turn over the rocks for mussels and how gentle mom was in helping them. I had been there 4 years ago so it was a special treat to go back.

Sow helping her cubs find food in Knight Inlet - Photos: Melissa Hafting

A Grizzly Bear Cub in his buffet in Knight Inlet - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Came across another boar who was just chilling on the seaweed sleeping!

Male Grizzly Bear snoozing on the seaweed - Photos: Melissa Hafting

The faces of the bears are all so unique one young male was weary of the larger males he smelt the air a lot to know where the larger boars were.

This male was peeping his head between the rocks as he foraged for mussels - Photos: Melissa Hafting

A young male Grizzly walks the shore in BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting
Grizzly Bear walking along the shore of Glendale Cove - Photo: Melissa Hafting

On the way back we stopped in to check on mom and her cubs who were still digging for mussels. I think I could have watched them forever...

Mom please help me! - Photo: Melissa Hafting
On the way back to Telegraph Cove we saw one humpback whale who swam pretty close to the boat! Lots of Dall's porpoises and Harbour Seals were also about and many Marbled Murrelets and even 2 Purple Martins. 

Humpback Whale in Blackfish Sound - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Speaking of Purple Martins today I went to Point Roberts where I checked out Ken Klimko's cool find of Purple Martins nesting in a natural cavity in the pilings by the parking lot at Lighthouse Marine Park. It was so cool seeing them in natural cavities which I have never seen before. Due to so much development Purple Martins really declined and now almost exclusively nest in nest boxes we put up for them so this is a delight to see. This gives them a greater chance at success!

I also found House Wrens breeding in our backyard of our property there once again, which was cool! I'm so baffled by how there are 7 pairs of House Wrens this year in Point Roberts and so few breed in the Lower Mainland which is a mere 5 mins away!

Purple Martins nesting in a natural cavity in Point Roberts - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Anyways, it was another great weekend with the animals I love in beautiful British Columbia.

A Grizzly Bear rests in its coastal habitat in beautiful BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. Great bear pictures!! Amazing to see a white Raven!!

  2. Another great adventure with such fine photos documenting the story. Thanks Mel for sharing the trip. that White Raven is really something.

  3. I didn't know there are white ravens, Congratulations on finding one and getting a great photo. I have never seen grizzlies in the wild. must have been a great experience watching those cute cubs.

    1. Thanks Jim
      It really really was! Nature is so beautiful!!

  4. What an amazing set of photos and story. I learn something new about natural bc every time i read your blog. Thanks!

  5. great post and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. We offer alaskan adventure tours for you. book now.


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