No more White-collared Seedeaters! Say what?!

I just got my lifer White-collared Seedeater in Texas in April 2017 and in just over a year I have lost it from my life list! If you read my blog post from my trip report, I almost got arrested for it!. So this is highly disappointing! LOL. Well I am being slightly over-dramatic...The bird is actually just getting a name change. The species is being split into Cinnamon-rumped Seedeater and Morelet’s Seedeater. The bird I saw in Laredo, Texas is the Morelet's Seedeater. Frankly, I like the name White-collared Seedeater better.

Moving on.. as I've said in a previous post on here the new English name for the Gray Jay is now Canada Jay. It doesn't affect me much, as I'll be continuing to call it Whisky Jack! However, I do admit I liked the name Gray Jay over Canada Jay better but really I don't care too much. Whatever name that cute bird has I'll love it regardless.

To read the full list of changes to the 2018 AOS Supplement, click HERE

Canada Jay/Gray Jay/Whisky Jack.. whatever my name is I'm cute! - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. i personally don't like most of the name changes they made. if you don't mind me asking how did you almost get arrested for the seed eater?

    1. hey logan i didnt really get close to be arrested but the police and border guards came down to meet and find us on the trail because we parked our car in a no parking zone apparently even though there werent any signs. then we didnt have our ids on us so we had to go back to the car as we were literally right on the river in laredo on the mexican/texas border where illegals cross. so we went back to the car and had to be questioned by both the local police and the border guards and show id and they didnt give us a ticket but made us move our car and leave but was all worth it as we got the seedeaters lol!

    2. ok that makes more sense. do you have any recomendations for birding spots near victoria on vancouver island? im going to be coming up to the island for 5 days this july for the first time since i was 3. (14 now) and am trying to figure out some spots to check out.

    3. definitely! you should visit clover point and cattle point and esquimalt lagoon! you should also do a whale watching trip with prince of tides to see killer whales!

    4. we for sure will check out clover point as it is only about 15 minutes from where we are staying.

    5. Are you on the island?

    6. no logan i live in vancouver but i do go to the island a lot it is a beautiful place i look forward to your pics!


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