Bird #420 - HERMIT WARBLER in Courtenay

I went with my friend Peter Candido and Mike Toochin to twitch a pure Hermit Warbler that was found by Lori Smith in Courtenay. This was the second Hermit Warbler I twitched on Vancouver Island the first turned out to be a hybrid as per experts who study the species. That bird had a green back, however this bird showed no signs of hybridism and off we went. In person the bird was so beautiful they are one of my fave warblers. This male was singing and the kind lady who found it was there so excited over her great find. She was very sweet she also found a Veery a year ago on the island and has produced a tape that Ian Cruickshank verified. She should go buy a lottery ticket.

Anyways, when we got to the spot on Mt. Washington we saw 10 others there Ed Jordan from Quadra Island, Mark Wynja and Dave Baird from Parksville, plus Michael Bentley, Val George and Rick Hardy from Victoria just to name a few. They had just seen the bird and it took about 10 mins for it to fly in front of us. It was spitting rain and we stayed an hour with the bird before leaving for the ferry. It took 2 hours by ferry and a 1 and 1/2 hour drive to get to this bird and would beothe same home plus rush hour in Vancouver. It was worth the effort of course and I love being up on Mt. Washington where I saw my lifer Vancouver Island Marmots.  By the Hermit Warbler there were a few Olive-sided Flycatchers calling. It seemed like the warbler was on territory and hopefully it stays for many more to come see it.

A highlight on the ferry ride home was 8 Killer Whales, 4 near Nanaimo and 4 near Tsawwassen.

This was BC bird # 420 for me. 2 birds in less than 2 weeks ain't bad and now if only that Common Cuckoo would fly to Vancouver.

Hermit Warbler in Courtenay - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. Another whirl wind trip and another BC Bird 420 - you are on a roll. Congrats. Always nice when you have a great image to note your observation with, gives the rest of us something to dream about.

  2. Your blog has great content and design. I can say that your observations affected me. As with every letter we have, it will be nice to share your next one.

  3. Gorgeous shot!! Congrats on getting it!!!!

  4. Thank you all for your very supportive and kind words really means a lot!

  5. Logan Baldwin.


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