The ABA Checklist is out, Hawaiian Crows are in the wild again & more Bird News and Research Papers

The updated ABA Checklist (which includes Hawaiian birds) is out 

Great TED Talk "For the Love of Birds" by an African conservationist.

11 Hawaiian Crows have been released in the wild once again this year. Last year the release failed. Let's hope they make a comeback this time.

How to understand bird moult.

Will 2017/2018 be a Snowy Owl Flight Year?

Stop using lead fishing tackles, it is killing loons

How Birds are Rescheduling their lives around Climate Change.

Birds have to nest earlier because climate change is causing their chicks to overheat

Agricultural pesticides are killing our migrating songbirds.

A man that deserves to be remembered. 

Ever think some people's record shots aren't record shots? So does this fun twitter acct.

Research Papers

Body condition explains migratory performance of a long-distance migrant. Sjoerd Duijns, Lawrence J. Niles, Amanda Dey, Yves Aubry, Christian Friis, Stephanie Koch, Alexandra M. Anderson, Paul A. Smith


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