How to photograph white birds, Birds in the news and a painting by a BC Young Birder!

1.One of my bigger problems when I started taking photos was blowing the whites. I usually got the exposure wrong and the picture was ruined. You can only fix the whites so much in photo processing.

Now I shoot manual and have virtually no problems it is all about the exposure and lighting and your angle in relation to the sun.

Here is a step by step guide on how to photograph white birds. I use these steps as well and it really works.

2.Birds in the News:

Why go to Texas for a fallout when you can go to Nova Scotia ?!!

Brown Boobies are now nesting in California. (This is the only place I've seen them in the ABA outside of Hawaii).

Who knew geese glow?

How does Lyme disease spread? The answer may lie in the hearts of grouse

How a stressed out woman found solace in looking at birds.

How an African American woman city slicker turned into a birder in Seattle.

Crabs can eat birds...

It's not Asia where illegal bird slaughter is the worst but Holland!

Life cycle changes, such as breeding and molting, along with overall species abundance were found to shift in native Hawaiian birds, such as the 'i'iwi, to coincide with climate-related changes to native vegetation.

Saving Indonesia's Birds of Paradise

Climate change is causing Birds to breed further north than ever in the boreal

Birds of Prey are the most affected by wind turbines.

New Zealand is complaining that they have TOO MUCH NATIVE BIRDS!!

38 things Erin every wondered about birds LOL!

3. Here is a beautiful watercolour painting of a female Belted Kingfisher by talented Young Birder Cedar Forest, age 13 from Tofino, BC. There are many talented artists in the young birder program including painter Viktor Vandereyk and Sketch Artists Bridget Spencer and Rebecca Reader-Lee.

Female Belted Kingfisher by Cedar Forest (age 13)


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