My first decent photo of an American Redstart!

Ilya and I went to Grant Narrows at Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows, BC. We always wanted to photograph an American Redstart well and we finally got the chance. This male was singing his heart out for a female who we did end up seeing as well. These birds are local nesters at Grant Narrows and are rare anywhere else in the Lower Mainland. They prefer to breed in the interior of BC. This goes the same for the Gray Catbirds that only nest at Grant Narrows locally as well. They aren't easy to photograph as well so I was pleased to get a good shot of one of the 5 we saw that day. Eastern Kingbirds and Bullock's Orioles who also nest here were out in full force and it was blistering hot. These photos were taken at Catbird Slough. Grant Narrows is one of my favorite places to bird.

Male American Redstart in Pitt Meadows, BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting
Gray Catbird  at Grant Narrows - Photo: Melissa Hafting


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