New BC Young Birders Program Website Is Now Live!

Many of the young birders in my program have been asking me to make a website for years. Since I started the program in 2014 I have been using my blog to post my trip reports and events but I really should have done this earlier.

Young Birder Program graduate Alice Sun who now works for Audubon in NYC who is also a graphic designer stepped up and helped me to create the website.

I took input from the interested young birders and showcase photos from our trips, all our past trip reports and I will post new events at the website. We also have a press section for the many times that young birders or the program was featured in the press. There is also a donation page to help out youth who can’t afford field trips.

Thanks to all the youth who were eager to see this website come to fruition. Big special thanks to Alice Sun for helping create this website! You did a beautiful job .

Also want to send my thanks also to Liron Gertsman, Josh Brown and Bridget Spencer for giving their helpful input too from the name to design. 

The website is called BCYOUNGBIRDERS.CA

Thanks to all the youth in the program and their parents for supporting me and the program.

Hope you all enjoy the beautiful new website!

You can check out and SUBSCRIBE and bookmark the website HERE

Thank you to all the young birders both past and present for 10 remarkable years! Can't believe it has been ten years now since I started doing this. Thank you for the joy and constant inspiration that you have brought to my life. You all have taught me so much and enriched my life for the better.


Melissa Hafting


  1. Mel I love the site girl!!! you never cease to amaze me. Alice did a great job!

    1. Thank you so much glad you like it and yes she sure did I could not of done it without her!

  2. Wonderful new website Mel! So professional congrats and thank you for all you do for young birders. wish this program and you existed when I was a kid!

  3. Beautiful website to highlight the magnificent program that you founder. Hope for many more successes over the years.


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