Purple Martins are nesting at the new Richmond Colony!

Just wanted to update to let you know we have a pair of Purple Martins nesting at the new colony I started at Garry Point Park in Richmond!

I will keep monitoring but wanted to share this news because it’s exciting that a pair found the colony so fast. Hopefully this attracts new Martins to the boxes.

Information signs with QR codes are now placed in front of the boxes too.

Info sign placed by City of Richmond with QR code at Garry Point Park - Photo: Melissa Hafting

You can read more about the installation process HERE.

Also while doing my Tree Swallow nest box checks I found one box with 7 eggs! This is the largest clutch size I’ve seen to date. I am happy to report almost all of the Tree Swallow nest boxes have eggs in them. The Sandwich holes have worked to protect against Flicker damage and the heat shields and white boxes have not deterred the birds. Now the real test will be how they hold up during any heat waves and if they spare fledgling and adult Tree Swallow lives.


Purple Martins are nesting at Garry Point Park (Photo: Alex Eberts)

7 Tree Swallow eggs largest clutch size I’ve seen to date at Terra Nova


  1. PacificnorthwestkateMay 27, 2023 at 9:57 PM

    Wonderful news Melissa!! And to be using the new nesting boxes already! That’s great! Well done on all your hard work! And 7 eggs in the tree swallow boxes! What size is a normal clutch? Such good news!!

    1. Hi Kate, normal clutch size is 4-6 eggs :) thanks!

  2. Absolutely amazing work that you e done with the city of Richmond to help these two bird populations. I’m very proud of all the work you’ve done for conservation.

  3. Absolutely amazing work you’ve done with the city of Richmond. I’m so proud of all your conservation work and the amazing outcomes you’ve achieved.

  4. this is amazing melissa you put your time where your mouth is an really give back to the community and the birds. i have no idea how you do it all and find the time you are awe inspiring young lady


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