The BC Gov’t Wants To Further Restrict the use of Rodenticides in BC! Public Comments Needed!

The BC Gov’t just released detailed proposed changes to further restrict the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) in the province. These changes will address risks to wildlife from the use of (SGARs) and will try to minimize the unnecessary use of SGARs to reduce accidental exposure to wildlife. 

You can read the detailed proposed changes HERE 

You can submit comments online, by email or mail about these proposed changes and watch live webinars at 9am on May 10 and at 2 pm on May 12 on the proposals HERE

This a great step in the right direction to help better protect raptors and wildlife in BC!

*Also an aside note - the city of Richmond has made their temporary 1 year rodenticide ban now permanent! The vote passed in council this year. This ban is only on city-owned property that is why these proposed BC wide changes will be vital!*

The Fur-Bearers put out a news release today HERE about this with helpful tips on how best to address the government when you submit comments.

New restrictions will help save threatened Barn Owls in BC - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. That’s great news!

  2. That is terrific news! Thanks for passing this information and the links along.


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