Great News! The Province Has Temporarily Banned Rodenticides!

We are one step closer to a permanent provincial ban on the sale and use of rodenticides. 

This has been a day I have been waiting for and fighting for over many years. 

You can read the full news release HERE

This is just temporary (18 month ban) but it’s a step in the right direction. You can see there are many exemptions but great things don’t happen overnight. Policy changes take time. We can only hope that it will lead to a full ban. This is a huge step for the province and I’m so glad they listened. Activism really works and that’s why it’s so vital we keep speaking up against these issues!!. Thanks to everyone who signed petitions and wrote their MLAs and MPs. Thank you to Minister George Heyman for listening to us and meeting with us.

I actually had tears in my eyes when the news release came out. It has been such a long hard struggle but science has won out and will continue to. I believe we have made a difference here for owls, raptors and mammals that have for so long died painful awful deaths from secondary rodenticide poisoning. We can now look to the future with some hope on this front.


  1. I'm so astonished! I never thought they would do that, but they did!

    Next step... Endangered Species Act. Well, we can hope.

    1. yes they didn't do right by the peregrines and it has backfired on them. I guess they wanted to finally do the right thing and this is an important and vital first step! here here on the endangered species act!

  2. Great News for all your hard work to get this passed!!

  3. Great news! Thanks for your work on this, and for letting us know.

  4. This is a major step forward! Great news and thank you for advocating for years for a ban.

    1. thank you so much brian! hope you are doing well.


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