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Looks like Birds can be sexist too.. a new study has shown that male and female Black-and-white Warblers are segregated vertically in the tree canopy. This actually has implications for conservation since females feed near the ground where grazing affects them. Males are in much better physical condition from the females too. Read the interesting study HERE

A new study shows that birds have consciousness. Read the article HERE

After 170 years a long thought to be extinct bird was found in Indonesia. Read the story about the Black-browed Babbler HERE

A new show by the great David Attenborough "Life in Colour" will soon air in Canada on Netflix check out the video below:

Columbia is the most dangerous country in the world to be an environmentalist. Sadly a major Yellow-eared Parrot Conservationist Gonzalo Molina was murdered. Read it HERE

*Disclaimer this story is not about birds* For the first time ever a Grizzly Bear was photographed hunting Beluga Whales alongside Polar Bears. Due to climate change, we have known for years that Grizzlies are travelling further North. However, this is the first time they have ever been known to hunt Belugas!. Read the amazing story from Manitoba and see the photo with more incredible video HERE

Watch this webinar/video about the "Lost Birds" a project about finding the rarest birds in the world by the American Bird Conservancy with my friend John Mittermeir (Director of Threatened Species Outreach). I am working with him on a new upcoming project but more on this later.

Watch this video on the difficult hunt to find nesting endangered Marbled Murrelets in old growth forests and the perils these birds face.

A book recommendation.... I recently read this book "When Birds Are Near: Dispatches From Contemporary Writers" and loved it. It consists of essays from birders all around the world describing their adventures, backyard birds and conservation struggles. Many female birders voices are in here too which is nice. You can read the synopsis and buy it HERE

The IOC has changed 2 racist bird names: Hottentot Teal and Hottentot Buttonquail to Blue-billed Teal and Fynbos Buttonquail. You can see the changes HERE 

Context: Hottentot is a racist term akin to savage/barbarian/cannibal that colonists used to ridicule the culture and language of Indigenous people in South Africa. BirdLife South Africa submitted a proposal to the IOC for a name change to both species, and the IOC accepted.

If you love Canada Jays (our unofficial bird) you may want to pick up a copy of this month's Canadian Geographic magazine:


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