A Date With A Townsend's Solitaire

Townsend's Solitaires are such cute Thrushes! - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Liron Gerstman told me he heard a rumour that a Townsend's Solitaire had been reported to the Wild Birds Unlimited store on March 13th. So I went yesterday to Granville Park to see if I could find it. I came with bins and a cell phone and found it eating cotoneaster berries. It was so tame that I wished I had my camera and vowed to come back the next day.

I came back in the morning armed with my camera and the bird didn't disappoint. I saw friends Marilyn Olson and Marilyn Maxwell and stayed with the bird for over an hour.

A Solitaire giving me the once over - Photo: Melissa Hafting

Townsend's Solitaires are one of my favourite birds and this one was super accommodating. He was doing his pygmy-owl-like call and just was being as cute as ever.

Here are a few more shots of this little showstopper who brightened up my day.

Townsend's Solitaire in Vancouver - Photos: Melissa Hafting


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