The District of West Vancouver and the City of New West bans rodenticides!

Tonight on the 6pm news, Global News did a segment on Owls and rodenticide poisoning. Rob Hope from OWL is constantly trying to bring awareness and explain why a province wide ban is necessary.

You can watch the video HERE

On Vancouver Island a Short-eared and Great Horned Owl were recently found dead, most likely from rodenticides. You can watch a CTV news clip on that HERE.

Also a Barn Owl was found dead not long ago at Iona again most likely from rodenticide poisoning. Tests results have come in from a Barn Owl found at Hasting Race course with the cause of death proven to be rodenticide poisoning. Metro Vancouver Parks is not using rodenticides in their parks but do permit businesses who lease the land from them like the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and Vancouver Aquarium to use it. Time for this to change and to eradicate this ridiculous loophole. It is time for a city-wide ban in Vancouver and a full province-wide ban. 

On a happy note, yesterday the District of West Vancouver have banned the use of rodenticides on all civic lands. You can read the news story about this HERE. Also the council meeting motion can be read HERE. Likewise on Sept 28th, the city of New Westminster also banned the use of rodenticides on all city lands. You can read about this HERE.

Currently here is a list of cities in BC that have passed a full ban on rodenticide use on civic lands:

City of Colwood

District of West Van

District of Saanich

District of North Vancouver

District of North Saanich

City of Port Moody

City of North Vancouver

District of Oak Bay

View Royal

New Westminster

*Sooke has placed new restrictions but not a full ban*

This photo I took of a Snowy Owl in Delta, 5 years ago, died shortly after this photo was taken and the carcass was subsequently taken to OWL where it was sent for testing. Tests results were positive for rodenticide poisoning. Truly heartbreaking for such a beautiful and mesmerizing bird. I’ve never forgotten her or why we must keep on fighting to get a province-wide ban.

This Snowy Owl I saw in Delta tested positive for rodenticide poisoning - Photo: Melissa Hafting 


  1. thank you for all your advocacy work. you think this wouldn't be rocket science. why use outdated methods of control that cause so much destruction and pain. but then you see the results of the us election and see stupid is as stupid does...


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