Shooting American Robins and Tourism Richmond and BC Bird Trail Features

I haven't been out birding properly since Nov 7th. I haven't photographed a bird since Oct 31st. I finally felt like picking up a camera again today. My target today was American Robins. A common underrated bird that so many of us (including myself) sometimes take for granted. There were large flocks feeding on crabapples today at Garry Point Park. I was there today looking at the late Yellow Warbler that my friend Alan Moat found yesterday. Winter listers will be out on Dec 1st for this bird I can assure you. I saw it and went for my Robins. It was because I was so busy shooting American Robins that I missed the Townsend's Solitaire that briefly came in for a gander and who then immediately took off in less than a minute.

Here are a few fruits of my labour. They are the best shots I've taken of this species and the male was really accommodating. I find in the winter that American Robins are at their most beautiful with their fine breast scaling etc. Note the male with his dark head was incredibly handsome. I used a golden maple tree behind the birds to create a golden background.

American Robins in Richmond - Photos: Melissa Hafting

Yellow Warbler in Richmond - Photo: Melissa Hafting

By the way Tourism Richmond did a interview and blog post with me that you can read about HERE.

The BC Bird Trail website also did a blog post a few days ago about the BC Rare Bird Alert that I run and we discussed why rarities are so important to birders. They featured some of my photos too. You can read the piece HERE.

I was also interviewed about the Common Pochard in Victoria and the challenges of birding during the pandemic. It certainly has been challenging running the RBA in the pandemic with the high degree of rarities being found but I think the moderators and I have done a pretty good job and birders have been really compliant. Sure I've received some criticism which I have deemed to be very unfair criticism as I do all I can to promote compliance and state the rules, I promote birding 2m apart, wearing masks, not birding in groups, staying local, avoiding non-essential travel. I also link to health orders and the guidelines, I post covid notices in bold red... you name it. I am very grateful though to the majority of the birding community who have said "thank you" to me and told me what a good job I've done and sent me so much support for the volunteer work I do for this community out of my own free time. All I can say is THANK GOD for birding because if we didn't have the birds to look at I for one would have a hard time getting through.

Savannah Sparrow in Garry Point Park in Richmond - Photo: Melissa Hafting


  1. Beautiful Robin Shots! Congratulations on the two articles!

  2. Mel
    As usual, beautiful shots of a bird to many o us kind of ignore. I am bad abut that to " Just another junco / song sparrow etc).
    Congrats on the articles . I really need to get to Richmond more. Some of those favourite parks of yours, I've never been to. Re: the rare bird alert article, not enough people ( me included) thank you often enough for all the tireless work you do. If some people don't appreciate what you are doing, thats their issue. Our world is a better place for all that you do.

    1. thanks so much ken for your kindness. it truly means so much to me especially at this difficult time.

  3. What a beautiful pictures!
    If you want to see more photos of birds, I share you my blog.

    1. thanks alasco! lovely shots you have on your site too i need to go to argentina one of these days post covid.


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