Watch young birders Adam and Josh promote "birding backpacks" in new video

The Fraser Valley Regional Library has come out with a new initiative to promote birding for all. It provides anyone the ability to rent a good pair of binoculars, book and backpack for the day to go birding. Young birders Joshua Brown and Adam Dhalla do an excellent job explaining about the program and talking about why they love birding!. These backpacks are available all across the lower mainland (not just the Fraser Valley proper) at all 25 locations.

Each backpack contains a pair of Vortex Crossfire binoculars, a field guide to North American birds, and a fold-out guide to British Columbia bird species.

This is excellent especially for low-income families and the days you go out and forget your bins! It is also a great way for new birders to try out the hobby and get hooked!.

The bins and backpack is allowed to be checked out for free for 1 week and if no one has it on hold you can keep it for a full 3 weeks!.

This is also good for established birders who may send in their bins for repair. I know I am always reluctant to do so because I am then without my bins for up to 3 weeks so this is a great back up!

You can watch the video about it below:

Read more about this great program in partnership with Bird Studies Canada HERE and HERE

Similar backpacks are now also available for free at Kamloops Public Libraries and for a 300$ deposit :( in Richmond.


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