2 great birding videos you NEED to watch!

You should watch this video about an incredible man who is 97 years young who has built nestboxes for over 40,000 Mountain Bluebirds. He is hiking around in Idaho at his age and still building boxes. He’s an inspiration!. I swear 40,000 Bluebirds will fly his spirit up to Heaven when he decides to leave this earth. We need more beautiful people like him in this world!. When you hear like we did yesterday about 2 mass shootings in the US you really value people like this, who uplift you in this difficult and sometimes heartless world.

Watch the beautiful story below:

Also, if you haven’t heard, there is a web series about an African American birder named Jason Ward from NY. He interviews big names in the birding world such as Pete Dunne. This week he interviews Kenn Kaufman and his wife Kim. It really made me like Kenn Kaufman even more than before. I didn’t think that was possible!. The love Kenn has for his wife and vice versa is so touching. A truly great team. I was glad to see her talking about the sexism that she has experienced in birding. These are the same things that I’ve discussed before. For instance, she was standing beside a male birder and the male got the ID question as to what they were looking at. The man acted as if she didn’t exist. He seemed to think she couldn’t possibly know what the bird was. This happens a lot to skilled women birders. It’s happened to me a few times while birding here in Delta when I was with a male birder. I was grateful that he recognized it and spoke up about it since it bothered him. It’s so important to have male birders championing women in this field. Feminists Bird Clubs where women birders support fellow women in safe empowering environments are now in Seattle. These clubs have spread across the US and hopefully to Canada next. Kim Kaufman said it’s important to not brush the topic of sexism in birding under the rug but to talk about it. This is the only way that she feels change will come about and I agree. It’s a great episode.

This series is a great program that I watch weekly and it’s so nice to see a person of colour not only birding but getting such great recognition. This is the second season of this interesting show. A video in the series that talks about being a birder of colour can be found HERE.

To watch this episode see below. If you subscribe you can get the weekly episodes.

By the way Kenn Kaufman has a new book out A Season On The Wind


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