Young Women are changing the face of Birding everywhere!

It is so nice to see more and more young women (and women in general) getting into birding. It is a male dominated hobby, so the more women the better. Even better yet, it's great to see more racially diverse women getting into the hobby as it has traditionally been a Caucasian based hobby as well.

You should read about this incredible young woman from Uganda, who is changing the face of birding in her community in a very positive way HERE.

You can also read about the incredible movement of female millennial birders in America HERE.

We can see right here in BC how many young women are improving birding for us all with their sheer presence. Just think of Bridget Spencer, Toby Theriault, Cedar Forest, Rebecca and Emma Reader-Lee, Katya Kondratyuk , Alice Sun, Sasha Fairbairn and Willa Crowley just to name a few!

All these women are truly inspirational!

Here's to more GIRL POWER in Birding Everywhere! We should make sure to support and lift up young women birders and be inclusive of them everywhere possible.

Young Women are changing the face of Birding everywhere! - Photos: Melissa Hafting


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