"Bird of the Week", " The Vancouver International Bird Festival" and some cool birding apps.

The Vancouver International Bird Festival has started a cool new initiative called "Bird of the Week"

It's like a mini version of Cornell's "All About Birds" site. However, it's designed
specifically for the Birds of BC.

Read more about it below:



A full list of events offered during the Festival can be found HERE

Also if you are into birding apps you may want to try this one called "EyeLoveBirds"; which you can get HERE. It's cool because it allows you to download all the birds in the Vancouver Checklist and in other cities, as you travel. It also has a feature to help you identify birds from photos like Merlin. However, to be honest, it is mediocre in this regards; as is Merlin in my opinion.

You should also get "Audubon's Bird Guide" app. I love this one, it has all the species in North America, their calls and detailed info about each bird. I have found it hard to find this in other bird apps.You can get that one HERE. Both these apps are FREE by the way!.

The Vancouver International Bird Festival was created by ornithologist Rob Butler. It will occur from Aug 19-26, 2018. This is to coincide with the International Ornithological Congress; that happens at the same time. To see those events and tours offered; including the ones I am leading for Adults and Youth Birders, click HERE.


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