White-faced Ibis in the Lower Mainland?

Wayne Diakow found this solitary White-faced Ibis in the SW pond at Reifel in Ladner. This is a rare Vancouver bird for us all in the Lower Mainland.I have never seen one in the city. It is a provincial rarity that seems to be getting more and more common in the province yearly. I have seen them several other places in BC including in the Quilchena area at Separation Lake and Beaver Ranch Flats. I have also seen it of course in other parts of Canada and the US but to have one in your backyard, so to speak, is pretty special. This is the second record of the bird at Reifel Bird Sanctuary. The bird is in worn breeding plumage but is still so stunning when the light hits its feathers.

Thanks to Kathleen Fry for keeping the sanctuary open late so many could see this bird after work.

You can read more about this sighting at my other blog the BC RBA HERE

White-faced Ibis in Delta - Photo: Melissa Hafting



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