MY 400th BC BIRD!

My 400th BC Bird was a Red-necked Stint found by Kevin Louth on July 22nd at Boundary Bay in Delta, BC. I saw the bird the following morning. Ilya had got up super early and was out on the mudfltas with Kevin Louth and Daniele Mithchell when they relocated the bird. They called me and I dashed with my skirt and flip flops to 72nd ST at Boundary Bay.  When I got there I ran into Mike and Sharon Toochin and we walked together down to 80th avenue where the guys were on the mudflats. The guys were wayyyy out and I didn't even bother to attempt to walk int he mud in my flip flops. I walked through the gross stinky seaweed and logs and then got to the mud. Here I left my flip flops and hoped they would still be here and not carried away with the tide when I got back. I ran as fast as I can through the sticky mud and got to Kevin and the guys. Kevin was making some jokes as he always does. He is absolutely hilarious and at that moment in time they had lost the bird as the flock of Western Sandpipers it was in had just taken off. Well with all the scopes we walked to a distant flock towards 72nd ST (yes where  I just walked from) and looked through all the birds on the mudflats. Finally Ilya said he had the bird and by this time Mike and Sharon were with us too and we all got good looks at the Stint. The bird still had a lot of red on the breast still. This bird was not only my 400th BC Bird but also a lifer for me. It was a great great bird to have as my 400th bird and a day I will never forget.

You can read more about this sighting at my other blog the BC RBA HERE

Red-necked Stint between 80th St and 72nd St in Delta, BC - Photo: Ilya Povalyaev


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