I was a guest on “The Warblers” - A Birds Canada Podcast! Listen Here!

I was honoured to be asked to be interviewed for Birds Canada’s “The Warblers” Podcast. The topic of this podcast is about the healing power of birds and nature and how birding can help with grief, especially during the tough Christmas and winter holidays. This is an exceptionally hard time for those grieving as I know too well.

I hope that this podcast episode helps anyone who has gone through or is experiencing grief and loss. Birds really can help those in states of grief. It is great that grief is being a bit more normalized in society these days, as we all must sadly go through it.

You can listen to the podcast HERE or below on spotify

Thanks again to Birds Canada for having me on.


  1. Excellent Mel I really enjoyed this and you are brave.

  2. Wonderful podcast Melissa. I really am impressed by all your work with youth and inclusivity for all. I was quite moved by your words on how birding has helped you in your life both physically and mentally. I know you have suffered immense losses and I am glad the birds have helped you to keep on going because we really need you here.

  3. This was an amazing podcast, you speak so well and have such beautiful insights to share. Ending with that poem was so moving !!


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