Grief Podcast

If you are struggling with grief and loss like I am, I invite you to check out the amazing and at times heartbreaking new podcast "All There Is " from Anderson Cooper. The first episode just dropped and there will be new episodes every Wednesday. If you have lost anyone you have loved, you will relate. Anderson explains how he is changed forever since he experienced these deaths of those family closest to him. He talks about the isolation you feel when you are suffering when the world keeps on going. The smiling or laughing on the outside while you are really crying on the inside... That is why I love looking at birds they help in so many ways including soothing sadness and pain. Yesterday, I saw my first Broad-winged Hawk for Metro Vancouver and it’s moments like that which help distract me from my sadness.

Broad-winged Hawk in West Van - Photo: Melissa Hafting 

Anderson chats about how we as society don't talk about grief. This podcast really resonated with me and I know it will with you too.

You can listen to the first episode HERE or embedded below:


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