Birds in the News

New Study shows the link between human caused water quality issues and a lack of insects which affects birds!

Nesting Herring Gulls are passing plastic toxins to their eggs and chicks.

Laysan Albatross ingest more plastic than Black-footeds

Elegant Trogons in SE Arizona took a catastrophic hit this year due to the drought!

Hurricane Ida has coated 100 birds in oil

100's of birds sadly drop dead from the sky in Bali due to pesticides

Biologists are fighting tooth and nail to save the amazing Gunnison Sage-Grouse

New flashy collars on cats help protect birds but better yet keep your cat inside

My friend Yousif Attia speaks with the Globe and Mail about decolonizing bird names

The effect of longline fisheries on Albatross in our Pacific Ocean is devastating 

Juvenile Gray-headed Albatross are dramatically affected by the Japanese longline fishery

Giant Centipedes are preying upon thousands of Black-winged Petrels! Horrifying!

Watch this incredible footage of this baby Gray-headed Albatross (affected by climate change) on the nest below!

The passion this young biologist has for saving this rare bird is inspiring! Please watch the video below:


  1. Thanks for the news catch-up! Who would have thought that pounding your head against tree trunks might lead to brain damage! ;-)

    1. thanks my friend . it is nice to know you appreciate these types of posts. The centipede eating shearwaters are particularly chilling :(


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