Check out my feature with The Narwhal and Best Health Magazine

I was honoured to be featured and recognized by The Narwhal for my work to make birding more inclusive for all, especially for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) and women here in BC. You can read the article HERE. The interview and photo essay were conducted at Iona in Richmond by photojournalist Alia Youssef

I was touched to be asked to take part alongside these ten inspiring BIPOC individuals, from across Canada, who are passionate about diversifying the outdoors.

I also did a short interview for Best Health Magazine about the mental health benefits of birding. You can read that one HERE

Melissa Hafting at Iona for The Narwhal by Alia Youssef


  1. Those Narwhal people knew what they were doing when they featured you. Example: a while ago I looked at this year's top-100 on eBird for Metro Vancouver and the top 4 people were all women. I bet you wouldn't find that anywhere else in the eBird world. So keep on doing what you're doing, it's working.

    1. thank you so much paul, that is so very kind and means a lot to me.

  2. This was great Melissa! Beautiful photos and im very proud of you! also it was great to read about all those amazing individuals good for the narwhal for highlighting them. The best health article was good too. The mental health benefits of outdoor hobbies like brding can't be ignored. Well done

    1. thanks that is very kind and yes birding really helps me destress and my mental health

  3. God you look beautiful! Love the yellow shirt with the yellow broom with your skin. You do good work so please keep it up! I know it's not always easy. You have made a world of positive difference to the BC Birding community and we are better for having you in it!


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