Birds In The News

A few interesting bird stories from Canada and around the world:

The Government of the NWT got fined 10,000$ for killing 12 Bank Swallow and their active nests. The Federal Government fined the Northwest Territories under the Species At Risk Act SARA)

The Mayor of Delta George Harvie sends a letter to the Provincial Government to help protect the owls and hawks from harassment and their habitat at Brunswick Point.

A Strata in Port Moody is leading the way on residential property by banning rodenticides!

Florida Grasshopper Sparrows are making a comeback from the brink of extinction

A new smart camera technology can prevent bird strikes at wind farms by 82%!

A Snowy Owl stops in NYC and a crowd of 100 birders are effectively managed by Park Rangers 

Listen to the podcast with ornithologist Dr. Drew Lanham "I worship every bird that I see"

Reducing Pollution benefits billions of birds in NA according to eBird study

Birds Canada releases a new Grassland Conservation Guide

Link to download the Grassland Conservation Guide

COSEWIC has done new status assessments for Lesser Yellowlegs, Canada Warblers, Leach's Storm-Petrel and Red Knots.

Watch this new video on Elf Owls hunting. Watch the full show on PBS at 8pm on Feb 10th!

This new film "Penguin Bloom" on Netflix about a magpie who helps a woman who is paralyzed is well worth watching!

David Attenborough's new 5 part miniseries "A Perfect Planet" airing on BBC Earth is a feast for the eyes!

Sick exotic wild Toucans and Parrots found at Vancouver Airport

BCSPCA has created a petition to end the exotic bird trade PLEASE SIGN!!

750 Pelicans die from bird flu in Senegal

Ever heard of Vampire Finches?

Taimyr Gull found in a parking lot in  NS - A first for Canada!

Cambodia's endangered birds get a second chance

Birds sing differently now due to COVID

To close this edition of "Birds in the News" a moving excerpt about being out in nature:


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