BC Young Birders and I featured in New Bird Book

Ann Eriksson (biologist and conservationist) wrote a new book called Bird's Eye-View: Keeping Wild Birds in Flight. It is a book that is geared to young birders and features several. 2 of our BC Young Birders were featured in the book including Katya Kondratyuk and Adam Dhalla. 

This book comes out on May 12, 2020 but the publisher sent me an advance copy today. This book is very special because it examines why wild birds are important and why they need to be conserved. It also shows what young birders all over the world are doing to protect them. It is inspiring to see what these young people are doing globally. 

They asked me to submit a little write up about Katya and a photo I took of her up on Mt Illal where we saw White-tailed Ptarmigan on one of our young birder trips.

Front cover of the book "Bird's-Eye View" by Ann Eriksson

My photo of Katya and a small blurb I wrote is featured in the book.

Young birder Katya Kondratyuk's photo of a California Quail is featured in the book.
Young birder Adam Dhalla featured in the new book

The BCFO Young Birder Program also gets a mention in the book about important websites of groups  for young birders.

Nice to see the Young Birder Program in BC featured in the new book

It was an honour to be involved with this project and especially to see the art of these young birders and the youth themselves being featured in this lovely book. The layout is really beautiful and I love that they feature young birders from all over the world including Africa.

You can purchase this book HERE on Amazon


  1. What a great accomplishment for all involved! Congrats!


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