Watch new program about Canada's declining Grassland Birds

Tonight on CBC David Suzuki hosted a fantastic program called "Grasslands: A Hidden Wilderness." It dealt mainly about the decline of Canada's grasslands birds but also other animals that are suffering such as the Swift Fox, Black-footed Ferret, Bison, Grizzlies and Pronghorn. The footage of the Greater Sage-Grouse is especially beautiful.

It is well worth a watch. We really have changed our prairie landscape to quite devastating effects but the people in the film working to protect the habitat and animals give me some hope.

If you missed it on CBC you can watch it for free on their website at this link HERE.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. We had recorded this but not watched it until last night. Great to see some farmers are changing to accommodate wildlife, but I wonder how many are actually doing so.

    1. i think more than we think. farmers get a bad rap. most farmers truly care about their land and their animals and the habitat and wildlife that surrounds them. it is all about education and providing ways for farmers and wild animals to coexist.


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