The Dusky Thrush came back! Plus some bird stories you have to read!

Today I got some great news! When we were away in Ecuador a Dusky Thrush had been found by David Baird and Bryan Vroom in Nanaimo. It disappeared on Jan 23rd and hadn't been seen since... well not until today!

Iwan Lewylle relocated it at the same spot. I went over in the snowstorm and saw him. He was hanging out by a holly tree with a bunch of American Robins. There was at least 8-10 cm on the ground of snow and more was continuing to fall. What a great snowday!

I was able to share this day with my friend Peter Candido who had also missed it when he was in Cuba. I sure hope this little thrush stays for all who want to see him like Ilya!.

This was BC Bird 426 for me!.

Dusky Thrush on fencepost in the snow - Photo: Melissa Hafting

If you haven't heard already there is a half female/half male Northern Cardinal in Pennsylvania. Take a quick read HERE.

Also a very interesting NYT article on hummers: "The Hummingbird as Warrior: Evolution of a Fierce and Furious Beak" just came out. New research out of Colombia has proven that some hummers in South America have evolved with weaponized bills. Some even have serrated knife-like bills that they use as weapons! To read this fascinating article and watch a short video on it click HERE.


  1. How lucky is that, Great picture what with the snow bound scene. Congrats.

    1. thanks peter i sure got lucky! it was icing on the cake after ecuador!


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