Watch my tv interview with the young birders + The Young Birders spoke so well at VIBF!

On August 23, I moderated the presentations of 4 young birders Toby, Adam, Liron and Ian and they were just brilliant. Their passion for conservation shone through and they just blew the audience away. It was so nice to see the amount of community support and Bird Studies Canada's Jody Allair's nice words to the youth after their presentations was really sweet.

Here were their topics:

Toby Theriault, age 14 spoke on "Seabirds and plastic pollution"

Ian Harland, age 18 spoke on“The artistic side of bird photography”

Liron Gertsman, age 18 spoke on  "The importance of photography for conservation"

Adam Dhalla, age 13 spoke on "Shade-Grown Coffee in Costa Rica & its Positive Impact on Birds

I was told that the youth had the largest audience in the community theatre at the VIBF all week! After their presentation we were all interviewed for a youth news program called "Gen Why" on Shaw TV, which you can watch HERE

Here is a photo of these 4 well spoken youth:

Toby, Ian, Liron and Adam at VanBirdFest on Aug 23, 2018 - Photo: Jody Allair

Toby and Liron delivering their presentations at VIBF - Photos: Jody Allair

Also, On August 22, Adam Dhalla gave a radio interview for CBC Radio. He was on the program "On the Coast" and spoke so very well. You can listen to his interview by scrollng to 1:07:53 HERE

Plus, my friend Wayne Diakow was featured on Global News HERE while leading a bird walk in Stanley Park for IOC.


  1. Congrats to all of you on the speeches sounded like it all was very interesting

    1. thank you! the kids were so interesting and passionate!


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