Great news for shorebirds at Roberts Bank!!

You probably have heard about the Port of Vancouver's proposed expansion. I have sent out many petitions for friends to sign and posted about it here as well. Well today Environment Canada put out a statement which hopefully puts a nail in the coffin to the expansion and the decimation of important migratory bird habitat.

"Environment officials have struck a potential death blow to the Port of Vancouver’s $2-billion container expansion in South Delta, saying the risks to a significant migratory population of western sandpipers are simply too great for the project to proceed.

A written response from Environment and Climate Change Canada to the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency (CEAA) describes the predicted impact of the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project on hundreds of thousands of sandpipers as “potentially high in magnitude, permanent, irreversible, and, continuous.”

- The Vancouver Sun

To read the great news in full, click HERE


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